7 Must Habits in High Achievers in Interviews & in Life

Amber Ivanna Trujillo
5 min readOct 20, 2023

No matter whatever stage of life or interview preparation you are at, we believe that there are some core properties of an individual that can make or break their interview results. In hind-sight 50–50, the same principals apply to life as well.

Interviews are a great opportunity to FINE-TUNE your Habits to keep you on the path to be successful.

Here goes the list —

  1. Being indistractable
  2. Prioritizing relentlessly
  3. Staying consistent
  4. Delaying gratification
  5. Executing with excellence
  6. Being a lifelong learner
  7. Putting health first

Lets go step by step into each one of them.


The Merriam-Webster meaning of the word “distract” is categorized into 3 simple mind states

  1. as in agitated — feeling overwhelming fear or worry
  2. as in preoccupied — feeling confused, absentminded, bewildered and absent.
  3. as in dazed — feeling stunned, stupefied , dizzy

There was a time in my life when no amount of noise, worry, drama or simply anything in this whole wild world would be able to distract me from my mission — mission to successfully study, mission to successfully complete a project, or mission to learn a new skill.

I used to be agitated[ always scared and worried] , super preoccupied [in thoughts about past present or future] and my health conditions would trigger a freeze in my brain cycles. I would jump from one task to another, simply finding a reason to make myself look productive. And people like my ex, or others would not leave a corner unturned to feed on my emotions. Its now or never.


Here are some ways in which you can make yourself indistractable :



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