Best Side Hustle Ideas that paid me $2000 per month.

Amber Ivanna Trujillo
3 min readMar 24

Covid-19 provided a great opportunity for many of us to come online.

My journey started in January-2021, as I was figuring out ideas to keep myself busy.

In that process, I figured not only 1 but 6 amazing ideas of generating side-hustle income…. AND … its going sooo good so far.

Hope you can benefit from this list, and start your side hustle soon.

So, here it goes….

  1. Start a blog: Starting a blog can be an excellent way to generate passive income and build up a regular source of income. You could create content around topics that you are passionate about, or focus on specific niches such as travel, health & fitness, finance, etc. Once you’ve established yourself in your niche and built up an audience, you can monetize your blog by selling digital products (eBooks/courses), affiliate marketing, advertising and sponsored posts.
  2. Become an online tutor: Tutoring is one of the most popular ways to make money online these days. If you have specialized knowledge in any particular subject or field of study then becoming an online tutor may be the perfect side hustle for you. You can set your own rates and hours and find clients through various online tutoring platforms such as TutorMe,, Chegg Tutors, etc.
  3. Become a virtual assistant: Virtual assistants provide professional services to businesses and entrepreneurs remotely from their home offices. The tasks that they perform include customer service, social media management, data entry, administrative support etc., depending on the needs of the client. To become a successful virtual assistant you need to have excellent organizational skills and be able to manage multiple tasks at once with minimal supervision.
  4. Freelance writing/editing: If you are an experienced writer or editor then freelancing is one of the best ways to make money online. You can find clients on various freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour and who will pay you for your services.
  5. Create an online course: Creating an online course is a great way to generate passive income and build up a regular source of income. You can create courses around topics that you are passionate about…
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