Get THAT Job — Tools for helping inthe Job search

Amber Ivanna Trujillo
2 min readMar 8

There are approximately 40 Million+ people who are searching for jobs right now.

Over 99% of them are not using the right tools.

These tools will give you advantage over your competition.


  • Best AI virtual assistant out there
  • Helps with optimizing resume, writing cover letters, drafting networking emails, and preparing for specific interview questions

  • Many hires come from networking (almost 50%)
  • This tool/website can helps you find the emails of your recruiting team or the members of the company you think may be interested in your resume.
  • You can connect with them professionally and practice your elevator-pitch.
  • Drop in the name and company info and the tool can frame their emails to you.


  • a digital career coach
  • Maps a steps-by-step roadmap to your job search goals
  • Has many tools and processes to make the easier.


  • ChatGPT can do that as well, but if you want a dedicated IO system for it, this is the one to use.
  • your linkedin headline is important, and it entices employers and recruiters to reach you.
  • this tool can analyze your headline and tell you what to do next to improve it.

  • Helps with resume optimization
  • Scans and compares to the job description for your target.
  • Tells exactly what needs updating in order to be competitive.


  • tells you what happened to your email after it was send.
  • tells when, where and how often contacts open the email.
  • also tells if they clicked links or open attachments.
  • This helps you follow through and set plans for what to do next.
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