How to stop talking to your imaginery friend.

  1. Get a reality check
  • When you are actually having a real life panic situation, how often does this imaginery friend of your stand by your side, hold your hand or get a bottle from the vending machine to feed you water.
  • Does this imaginery friend play with your kids? Or acknowledge your kids existence?
  • Does anybody in your life except you know of this imaginery friend?

2. Who is or are qualified as a imaginery firned.

  • Is the friend sort of giving the same suggestion again and again? Do they have the same “Repeated Talking points”.
  • This may mean that they are not interested in your problems
  • Or that their conversations are a fragment of your imagination
  • If the conversation is a real one the solution is something that may benefit them in some way or the other
  • They want you to know that they do not have anything new to say and would like to be on the off side it.
  • They talk when it is convienent to them and not you
  • Real friends make time to talk to you, they will drop things to make a call to get the know if you are safe.

3. Ask Yourself “Why you do so?”

  • You need some real friends
  • At least friends who you can talk to and who can come visit you at your home
  • Friends who are just for friendship

Socializing and connecting with people will help remove this imaginary creature from your mind.

Also you need to be conciously gaurding your mental space … of the fact that the new people do not enter into your mind as new imaginery people.



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