The God of PC evolution — Bill Gates — says The Age of AI has begun

Amber Ivanna Trujillo
2 min readMar 24, 2023

We are surrounded by all the tethering noise of data and AI

AI is here.

AI is going to Stay … forever

AI is going to get Stronger, Cheaper and Opinionated

Bill Gates — the nerdy pioneer in the field of PCs and Operating Systems, confirmed that The AGE of AI has Begun,

The ERA of AI has begun

In fact we were living in it in the past few years and its going to stay for our lifetime.

Bill Gates just published a 7-page letter about AI and his predictions for its future.

Here is my summary of what it details -

✔AI impact in the next 5–10 years:
-Change how people work, learn, travel, access healthcare, and communicate,
-Influence entire industries

✔AI’s potential for reducing global inequities:
-Health: save lives of children in poor countries
-Education: improve math skills, particularly for disadvantaged students
-Climate change: help address issues faced by the world’s poorest

✔AI integration in the workplace:
-Enhance productivity and efficiency
-Support the creation of personal agents and company-wide agents

✔AI applications in healthcare:
-Assist healthcare workers with tasks and paperwork
-Improve access to medical advice and treatment in poor countries
-Accelerate medical breakthroughs by analyzing complex biological data

And there is way more to do here.

  1. Governments and the private sector should work together to incentivize companies to share AI-generated insights for agriculture in poor countries that can improve seeds, advise farmers…



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